Reward the audience for any activity in the community

Let’s show you what you can do with your page, its engagement and activity with a theoretical blogger, Jane Doe.

Jane is a bright, active personality who likes to respond to her subsribers’ comments, like those she enjoyed reading, in other words just interacts with her following.

But Jane asks herself if there is a better way to reward her most active followers other than responses and likes?

“Why of course!” Minter Coins responds.

Minter Coins is a service that allows the creation of special coins for bloggers and businesses, and its implementation increases the engagement within the community and advances the page or channel to new heights. These coins can be used for a lot of things, your phone balance, Yandex.Eats and much more.

And there’s enough ways to implement it:

  1. The first to write a comment gets 1k of that coin. Result: a competition amongst subscribers to be the first to post a comment, the audience becomes more active and everyone waits for your posts specifically.

  2. The first to write a comment you enjoy receives 1k of your coin. Result: there will be lots of comments, everyone trying to be original to receive the reward.

  3. Unexpected giveaway. Implementation: simple. At any moment just post a story or a post with a link to a wallet with the brand coin. It can be a link with an encouragement to Swipe up if it’s a story or it can also be a QR code, upon scanning which the user gets access to the wallet. Result: Your page gets a lot more attention. People will be waiting for your posts/stories, views will be through the roof.

  4. And there’s many other ways waiting to be discovered, it’s all a matter of your imagination.

How does one do all this?

  1. Using the service Minter Coins the blogger creates the coin DOE.

  2. Creates a personal wallet where the coins are stored.

  3. Using one of the provided Push services, creates a wallet where they send a certain amount of the DOE brand coin.

  4. Then they copy the link to the wallet or get a QR code, automatically created by the Push service and send it to the first commentator or the person with the most creative comment or add it to their story or a post or just gift it to the most active users.