Offering unique services and content

Let’s see what you can do with the engagement and user activity of your page or business with several theoretical businesses and bloggers.

Meet them:

Mike Johnson — a professional trader on all financial markets (fund, forex, crypto). Jennifer Stone — the owner and a chef in a network of elite Stone restaurants. Belle Hogan — a model, a TV host and a blogger. Jeff House — the owner of a carwash network, MyCar. Dwayne Wood — the owner of a car chemistry store network, AutoChem.

Minter Coins has something to offer for every one of them.

Minter Coins is a service that allows creation of coins for a blogger or a business, and implementing it increases user activity on a page or channel. These coins can be used to fill your phone balance, Yandex.Eats and much more.

Mike Johnson

A professional trader who specializes in many different financial tools for 12 years now. Has his own following, hosts lectures, and has a private paid chat in Telegram.

Minter Coins offers to make the coin JOHNSON.


  1. Discounts on trading lectures. More about that here.

  2. Unique content for people who possess a certain amount of JOHNSON.

  3. Private conversations and advice for JOHNSON holders.

  4. More user activity and subscriber engagement. Read more here and here.


  1. JOHNSON becomes a brand.

  2. The coin and the brand gain more value.

  3. The audience becomes more loyal.

Jennifer Stone

A professional chef who opened her own restaurant and it took off, creating a network of restaurants and they’re classified as elite. She also keeps an Instagram blog, where she uploads recipes, tells facts about different products. But it’s done with no profit in mind, sharing all these facts she learned the hard way, how would she monetize it?

Minter Coins tells her she should create the coin STONE.


  1. Discounts for clients who possess STONE. The amount of the coin the client has affects the discount. More about that here.

  2. As a blogger, she can keep a second page only for users who own a certain amount of STONE. The most unique recipes, facts, lifehacks and advice will be posted there. You can do it without a second page using limited stories. Coin holders will go into your close friends list and only they will be able to see the special stories.


  1. No need for plastic cards, which can be damaged, lost of forgotten. Saves a lot of expenses.

  2. No need for a client database with personal data. Saves expenses and privacy.

  3. No need to sell the unique content by accepting payment from every subscriber individually. Everything happens pretty much on its own: the subscriber gets the coins, asks to get access to the content, all you have to do is check their wallet to see if the amount they have is sufficient enough. You can do that in seconds with Chainik. Fast and convenient.

  4. You can improve the activity of the users on your page, we’ve talked about it here and here.


  1. Jennifer and her brand get more recognition.

  2. More demand for the STONE coin to get discounts and access to unique content.

  3. The value of STONE rises.

Belle Hogan

Belle started her career as a model, after that she was invited to TV. Soon she became a successful TV host, she appeared in talk shows as well. She has a massive following, some are obsessed, some imitate her. On her Instagram she often advertises different clothing from different brands, goes to restaurants and cafes etc. That’s how she makes bank.

Minter Coins offers her to create the coin BELLE.


  1. Fulfilling unique conditions for advertisers who possess BELLE.

  2. Interaction with the audience, improving activity and engagement. Read more about it here, here and here.


  1. BELLE becomes a brand. More recognition, the value of the coin increases.

  2. Subscribers become more loyal.

  3. Being able to open a business in the future under the already known BELLE brand.

Jeff House and Dwayne Wood

We’ll put both of these businessmen together, let’s say they’re collaborating. Jeff owns the carwash network and Dwayne is the car chemistry store network owner.

Minter Coins offers them to make their own branded coins. MYCAR for Jeff and AUTOCHEM for Dwayne.


  1. Discounts for both services for clients who own certain amounts of the coins. Read more here.

  2. Also you get discounts in both services for owning either of the coins. You can get a discount in the carwash if you own the store’s coin and vice versa.


  1. No need for physical discount cards. Saves expenses.

  2. No need to keep a client database. Saves expenses and privacy.


  1. The main result is exchanging target audiences. A MyCar client will buy products from AutoChem, or an AutoChem regular will be going to MyCar to wash their car because of the discounts, and who doesn’t like those.

  2. Saving expenses and expanding the amount of clients is any business’ desire so it can grow.

Imagine also collaborating with a tire fitting company, and then with workshops, increasing profits all through non-competitive client trading.

The automobile industry is just an example, it can be applied anywhere.

How does one do this?

  1. Using Minter Coins a business owner or a blogger creates their brand coin.

  2. Then they create a personal wallet where the coins will be stored and all the actions involving it will be performed.

  3. Clients also need to create wallets.

  4. Clients receive coins from you as a bonus straight to their wallets, or they can recieve some at Minter Coins. To check how many coins the client has before applying the discount or giving access to unique content, ask them to show their balance or just send their wallet address (Mx..). You can find all the owners of your coin at Chainik.