Influencer giveaways

Let’s see what you can do with the engagement and user activity of your page with a theoretical blogger, Karen Smith.

Karen likes to host giveaways for her subscribers, sometimes exclusively out of her own pocket, sometimes backed by sponsors. Sometimes the giveaway is planned for a specific date, other times it’s just a spontaneous decision to make the audience happy.

But Karen, like other bloggers, knows that people subscribe only for one giveaway and then leave once all is said and done. The bigger the following, the harder it is to win, so more and more people get disappointed every time.

What to do to keep subs, both old and new from getting disappointed? What to do to keep people from unsubbing after the giveaway is over?

Minter Coins swoops in.

Minter Coins is a service that allows creation of coins for a blogger or a business, and implementing it increases user activity on a page or channel. These coins can be used to fill your phone balance, Yandex.Eats and much more.

Let’s dissect everything:

  1. Karen currently has 1M subscribers on Instagram, she hosts a giveaway and 50 people get prizes. The giveaway lasts 30 days until it’s concluded. In that time 200k more people subscribed. That means 50 of 1.2M people will get the prize. A bit unfair for the OGs don’t you think? Q: How to make it so that no one is disappointed? A: Additionally give away brand coins separately amongst the old and new subscribers. a. Give away brand coins amongst the 1M OGs. b. Give away brand coins amongst the 200k newbies. c. Make the giveaway proportional to the size of each group. If there’s a million OGs, choose 100 or 1,000 winners, your choice. If there’s 200k newbies, choose 20 or 200. This makes engagement skyrocket. New subs will be more active due to a higher chance of winning, and oldies won’t be left out either.

  2. In the end: Karen gave away gifts to 1,250 of her subscribers. Currently the audience consists of 1.2 million people. No giveaways currently active. After some time has passed the blogger notices a wave of unsubs. Q: How to stop people from unsubscribing after the giveaway? A: Constantly give away small amounts of your brand coin. If you often host small giveaways of your coin, people will have more of a reason to stay and look forward to new posts. If you make it a participation condition to like your posts, the activity on your page will noticeably rise and your posts will be featured in the top charts, which leads to even more exposure, and the icing on the cake — higher advertisement prices on her page.

How is this better than just giving away money?

First off, it’s cheaper. If the blogger just gives 3 bucks to 100 users it doesn’t look good, to attract eyes you need bigger numbers. Now when you see a number like 1000 KAREN it’s a lot more likely to catch your eye, despite it just being equal to those 3 dollars in value. Ain’t that right?

Second, it’s faster and more convenient. Bloggers don’t have to contact the winners asking them where they should send the money, then wait for responses, then send the money. To 50 people no less, no thanks. What about 100 people? To wait for everyone’s response, to send the money you’ll need more than just a day. Using branded coins all you have to do is send the winner a link with a wallet to claim, no need to wait. The subscriber clicks the link and receives the money, no questions asked.

How does one do all this?

  1. Using the service Minter Coins the blogger creates the coin KAREN.

  2. Creates a personal wallet where the coins are stored.

  3. Using one of the provided Push services, creates a wallet where they send a certain amount of the KAREN brand coin.

  4. Then they copy the link to the wallet or get a QR code, automatically created by the Push service and send it to the winner.