Increasing users’ engagement with simple riddles

Let’s see how you can improve the activity and engagement of your page with a theoretical blogger, John Doe.

John is an active blogger who constantly posts stories on his Instagram and does livestreams. But the average viewcount on his stories is subpar, and the livestreams are even less successful.

John asks himself, rightfully so, if there’s a way to increase the engagement, to make his stories be seen by more people, same for the livestreams. What would keep people watching from beginning to end?

In his search for a solution he stumbles upon our service, Minter Coins.

Minter Coins is a service that allows creation of coins for a blogger or a business, and implementing it increases user activity on a page or channel.

Understanding John, we offered him to make an announcement that from this day onward riddles will be posted to his stories daily, and the answers are the password to a wallet with coins that can be used to fill your phone balance, Yandex.Eats and much more.

That way there’ll be a reason for people to always be first to the chase, the thrill attracts new people and keeps existing subscribers engaged. People will be waiting for stories at the chance of it being a riddle to start solving it before anyone else. Viewcounts rise. To keep people watching the streams you can have multiple riddles spread throughout the stream. Thanks to the newfound activity the page will start rising to the top, the value of the page will increase (the price of advertisements and the blogger’s profits). The most important part of it is that it’s easy as pie to do it yourself.

“But why not just transfer regular money to the winner?” — John asks.

So that the blogger doesn’t have to always check who exactly was first to answer, you don’t have to contact the winner asking for their credit card number, it takes too long and it’s very inconvenient.

Instead all the blogger needs is to create some Push wallets and put the brand coin on them prematurely to be ready for the livestream or the story, it only takes a minute of effort. And then they just post a link or a QR code to their story. The user will go through that link and access the wallet page, blocked by a password.

There will be no more debates on who answered first. You don’t have to contact anybody, transfer the money to them etc., everything’s already done. The first to guess gets the prize.

How does one do all this?

  1. Using the service Minter Coins the blogger creates the coin JOHN.

  2. Creates a personal wallet where the coins are stored.

  3. Using one of the provided Push services, creates a wallet where they send a certain amount of the JOHN brand coin.

  4. Then they copy the link to the wallet or get a QR code, automatically created by the Push service and publish it to their story. Now all you have to do is say the riddle, the answer being the password to the wallet.