Hiding easter eggs in blogger posts

Let’s see what you can do with the engagement and user activity of your page with a theoretical blogger, Brandon Dogg.

Brandon makes posts very often that in his opinion are informative, or shares what’s happening in his personal life: work, travels etc. In other words — he’s keeping a blog. But somehow the amount of likes and comments just doesn’t make sense considering his subscriber count, sometimes there’s barely any. Let alone new subscribers.

Brandon is disappointed he’s not getting the desired feedback from his audience, when he puts his soul into every post. After that there’s not much enthusiasm to continue writing for his blog, and it definitely shows by his newer posts. Even worse, it affects the activity of his subscribers. How to return the page to its former glory? What will hook people?

Minter Coins to the rescue.

Minter Coins is a service that allows creation of coins for a blogger or a business, and implementing it increases user activity on a page or channel.

Understanding Brandon, we offered him this strategy: make an announcement that every post from now on will contain a hidden message, if you find it you get the password to a wallet with his brand coin. These coins can be used to fill your phone balance, Yandex.Eats and much more.

Thanks to this engaging way to interact with his audience, user engagement will follow. Subscribers will be reading every post beginning to end, checking every nook and cranny for the secret message. And in the end it’s fun. It’s a creative task, as there’s so many possible types of easter eggs you can put in your posts, the only limit is yourself. And if liking the post becomes mandatory in participation, the statistics of the page will increase exponentially. The page will rise to the top, providing even more views, likes and comments, the value of the page will increase, and with it the price of advertisements.

How does it work?

Simple. The blogger creates a wallet and sends a certain amount of the brand coin there. Then sets a password for that wallet. The easter egg will be that password. After that the post is published, and the link/QR code of the wallet is posted to the story. Someone finds the easter egg, scans the QR code of the wallet, enters the password, gets the money.

How does one do all this?

  1. Using the service Minter Coins the blogger creates the coin DOGG.

  2. Creates a personal wallet where the coins are stored.

  3. Using one of the provided Push services, creates a wallet where they send a certain amount of the DOGG brand coin.

  4. Then they copy the link to the wallet or get a QR code, automatically created by the Push service and publish it. All you have to do now is add the easter egg to the post, which will be the password to the wallet.