Getting more eyes on a livestream and keeping them engaged

Let’s see what you can do with the engagement and user activity of your page with a theoretical blogger, Bonnie Boss.

Bonnie is a food blogger, she shows the preparation of many different meals, uploads recipes, lifehacks among other things. Livestreams often, tells about how she learned to do this or that, where to start and just answers questions. She announces the streams prematurely, but the audience is never as big as she would hope it was.

You always want to get the attention you deserve for your efforts, the fact you’re speaking from the soul. But how to make the entire stream entertaining for subscribers? How to attract people and keep them from leaving?

Minter Coins has a thing or three to offer.

Minter Coins is a service that allows creation of coins for a blogger or a business, and implementing it increases user activity on a page or channel. These coins can be used to fill your phone balance, Yandex.Eats and much more.

How to attract an audience and hold it til the end of the stream?

Nothing complicated. Like before, make an announcement for the stream and add a spoiler in there that during the stream you’ll give away your brand coin. Let’s say 30k is being given away.

It’s already bound to increase engagement, people will flock to the stream, first step is complete.

Attracting is one thing, now keeping them is much harder. We’ll keep the audience engaged with simple riddles. As simple as they are, it’ll still keep people engaged and looking through both the stream and the page for clues. Bonnie is a food blogger, so the theme of the livestream should match it. And of course the riddles should be themed accordingly. The answers could be in the lifehacks she posts, or it could be the name of some obscure fruit she discussed a few days ago.

The answer to the riddle is the password to a wallet where the brand coin is stored. We already explained what you can do with that money.

The audience from then on will be more thoroughly looking through your posts and attending every livestream from beginning to end. Throw out the riddles periodically, be it 5 or 10 minutes or more, depends on the planned length of the stream.

What are the advantages of interacting with your audience like this?

Many will say it’s a good idea, but how do you even handle these weird coins? Let’s settle this:

  1. In the name of the coin you should use the name of the brand, the second name of the founder, their username, a big plus for recognizability.

  2. You don’t have to keep track of who got the answer right. Someone guesses, takes the prize, uses it.

  3. You don’t have to contact the person who got the right answer. If the livestream is 30 minutes long and there was a riddle 5 minutes after it began, the person who guessed gets the prize immediately. No having to wait until the stream is over and contacting the people who won.

  4. Absolutely no information required.

How does one do all this?

  1. Using the service Minter Coins the blogger creates the coin BOSS.

  2. Creates a personal wallet where the coins are stored.

  3. Using one of the provided Push services, creates a wallet (or multiple wallets for multiple riddles, recommended) where they send a certain amount of the BOSS brand coin.

  4. Then they copy the link to the wallet or get a QR code, automatically created by the Push service and put it in the stream announcement. Or you can put it in the chat once the stream has begun. All you have to do now is say the riddle live and your viewers will test themselves.