Chainik — for brands (bloggers, businesses)

Chainik is a Minter blockchain explorer that provides statistics about coins. This service has a big selection in functionality, but if you want to simply use it as a tool to track your audience, there are basic functions in place for that, we’ll be discussing them right now.

Where can I find info about my brand coin?

Go to the main page of Chainik.

To view information about your brand coin, just type its name into the search bar and click on your coin when it pops up.

You’ll be taken to a page with a graph for the changes in your coin’s price with detailed info about it. To learn about all the coin functionality click here.

How do I find every owner of my brand coin?

Go to your coin’s info page and go to the middle of the page (How?). After that select TOP Holders. On this page you’ll see every address in possession of your brand coin. More about the parameters on this page here.

How do I check if a certain client/sub has my coin?

For that you’ll need to go to your coin’s info page and go to the middle of the page (How?). Select TOP Holders and put the client’s wallet address into the search bar. If the search gives no results, the client doesn’t have any of your coin. If the search is successful, you’ll see the following:

In the search results you’ll see:

  1. Rank — the client’s place amongst all your coin holders.

  2. Address — the client’s/subscriber’s address.

  3. Total — the amount of your coin in the client’s wallet.

  4. Delegated — the amount of your brand coin delegated.

  5. Free float — the amount of your brand coin in free float.

  6. Safe price — the predicted price of your coin if the owner converts all the coins in free float.

For a full description of Chainik refer to this page.