BIP Wallet

BIP Wallet is a safe and convenient wallet that allows interaction with your coins.

The wallet is available for iOS and Android:

Right after the installation you can select these options:

  • Sign In — if you already have a Minter wallet, you can enter the seed phrase and open your wallet.

  • Create Wallet — Select if you don’t have a Minter wallet yet.

When creating the wallet, make sure to save the 12 word seed phrase somewhere safe, it’s both the login and the password to your wallet.

If you lose your seed phrase you will lose everything with no means of recovery.

A reliable way to store your seed phrase would be a piece of paper, preferably multiple, and an encrypted password database (1Password, KeePass etc.)

Digital notes and screenshots are NOT reliable ways to store it.

After you save your seed phrase and press Activate Wallet, your wallet will open, with 3 main sections:

  1. Wallets — Manage your wallets and coins

  2. Send — Send coins to an address or choose from your contact list

  3. Settings — Self-explanatory


The main section of your wallet, where you can find:

  • Your current address (Mx... you can add up to 5)

  • Available balance

  • Coins

  • Transactions

  • Share icon to view and copy your address

Additional addresses

You can add up to 5 and switch at will. Press Add New Wallet and enter the seed phrase of an existing wallet or create a new one, and then give that wallet a name (up to 18 signs).

To switch between them you only have to press the desired address from the list.


There’s 3 ways to view your balance:

  • Available balance — your current amount of BIP

  • Total balance — the value of every coin in your possession in BIP

  • Total balance ($) — the value of every coin in your possession converted into USD

To switch between the modes, just press the current balance bar.


Your balance can contain any coin within Minter. They’re shown the Coins section. The value of the coin in BIP is shown right under the amount of the coin.

You can convert any coin into any other coin (with some limitations for coins with specific parameters). To convert coins press Exchange, and the page has 2 bars:

  • Sell — the coin you trade in, specify the amount so you can see how much of the other coin you’ll get after conversion

  • Buy — the coin you receive, you can specify the amount you want to get so you can see how much you’d need to trade in

After the exchange you'll get the converted coins right away.

Transaction history

In the Transactions section, which you can open straight from the main Wallets section, you can view all the recent transactions involving your address, and if you press All Transactions you can view the complete history.

Here you’ll find all your outcoming and incoming transactions, sorted by days. To view more info about a transaction, just press on it.

If you wanna share your transaction, press Share Transaction.

Your Address

In the Your Address section, which you access by pressing the Share icon, you can view and copy your address (Mx...), to send it to another user or show a QR code for it, which you can scan with the QR button next to the Share button.


In the Send section you can send coins:

  • Coin — The coin you send

  • Amount — The amount you send, press USE MAX to send the entire amount you have

  • To — The receiver (An Mx... address or a name from the contact list)

  • Message — A message within the transaction, which the receiver can read (optional)

  • Transaction Fee — The fee you pay to send the coin in BIP (it can be automatically added to the coin amount you send if you have no BIP on your balance)

To quickly and conveniently enter an address you can scan the QR code of the wallet you’re sending the coins to by pressing the QR icon at the top of the screen.

The contact list is available on the To bar, where you can add wallets for easy access and give them names.

After that, next time you’re sending coins you can just select a previously added address instead of entering it manually. To delete an address from the list, just swipe it to the left.


You can find the following Settings here:

  • Unlock with PIN code (we recommend setting a unique PIN code)

  • Unlock with fingerprint or FaceID (Available after enabling the PIN code option)

  • Change PIN code

  • Enable sound

The close wallet button is available at the top right.

After closing a wallet your address settings and other settings will be reset.

Never close a wallet if you’re unsure that the seed phrase is written down correctly, you can lose access to your wallet permanently.