Briefly about the problems of luring an audience and possible solutions

These days you can see that the influencer market is starting to overflow and a serious competition for subscribers is emerging. Even influencers with a huge audience must always lure in new subscribers and be creative. For small influencers expanding their audience is quite a strategic task.

At the same time the audience is getting more and more picky, and the subscribers are starting to realize their actions have value that the influencer is specifically going after.

Bloggers are experiencing a growing disconnect in relatability with their audience: subscriber counts are dwindling, same for likes, comments and overall engagement in new publications.

To keep the audience entertained and attract new people creating quality content is no longer enough, you need new effective tools to create loyalty programs in the form of bonuses, rewards and giveaways.

It all allows to take interaction with your audience to a whole new level, since these tools allow you to motivate each and every single one of your precious followers, who receive their rewards for completing simple tasks for the blogger.

Minter makes fulfilling these tasks possible, it’s one of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems out there, working on fleshing out the concept of the Internet of Money. Minter is offering a unique service that allows you to create your own brand coins, which have absolute liquidity on creation and can be instantly spent on a large variety of services.

Using the service Minter Coins a brand coin can be created in a matter of minutes and used to improve activity and loyalty, and to expand the community using the methods we created or think of your own.